Make Your Garden the Envy of the Neighborhood

Contact us to purchase a topsoil compost blend in Carpenter, Cheyenne, WY or Fort Collins, CO

Choosing the right soil for your plants can set them up for strong, healthy growth. Start your garden off right with a topsoil compost blend from BS Compost in Carpenter, Cheyenne, WY & Fort Collins, CO. Using 25% compost and 75% high-quality topsoil, our soil blend creates the perfect conditions for flowers, grass, and more.

We can create custom blend soils for customers on request. Ask about creating your own blend when you reach out today.

Why should you use a blend of compost and topsoil?

Compost and topsoil each provide distinct benefits towards the growth of your plants, so a topsoil compost blend allows you to take advantage of both. With our custom blend soils, you get:

  • The moisture retention of topsoil
  • The growth factor of compost
  • The ability to change the ratio to fit your needs

Learn more about how our prepared topsoil can help your garden when you call us at 307-630-4808 today.