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We make organic approved compost for customers in the Carpenter, Cheyenne, WY area.

Is your garden struggling to grow? Do you want to kickstart your crops for the growing season? Reach out to the pros at BS Compost for organic approved compost for your property in Carpenter and Cheyenne, WY. From cattle compost to customized blends, we'll help you find the right fertilizer to benefit your plants.

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Learn more about our compost options

For different applications, we carry two separate types of organic approved compost. We offer:

  • Cattle manure: Our compost starts out with a mixture of cow manure and straw. This mixture is then monitored, and turned on a frequent basis. Moisture and temperature are recorded throughout the process. These readings are what we use to determine the best time to turn and add water. We also use this data to ensure that the microbial life has the best conditions possible to produce a quality product. Testing of the finished compost is done routinely to ensure consistency of the product and nutrient levels. Compost produced by BS Compost is prepared beyond organic standards which makes it free of weed seeds and other harmful pathogens.
  • Extracted Compost Tea: Extracted compost tea is a biological stimulant that will dramatically improve plant growth, production and health. Our tea helps enrich the soil with biological life, thus giving the plant the extra organisms it requires to become a healthy plant. High-quality biologically dense compost is extracted into a liquid form with the use of a compost tea extractor. This "tea" is full of micro-organisms that remain dormant until the tea is ready to be applied to growing plants. When the "tea" is ready to be applied the activator pack, which provides food for the micro-organisms, is introduced to the mixture bringing the microbes out of dormancy and into a hyperactive state. While in this hyperactive state the microbes assist in plant growth and development.

If you'd like to purchase our Extracted compost Tea or cattle compost for your property, reach out to us today.